26.10.2020. 11:37

Eat consciously >>>>>


If you want to eat healthy you don't have to give up on eating delicious dishes or put away all the things you like. It is possible to cook using full value ingredient that are as tasty as normal ingredients. First of all the most important thing is that you should change your diet by consuming a wide variety of meals. We can help you with that! On our menu, which was made by a nutrition expert and dietitian, the meals' nutrient contents are listed.

It is your place if you:
- Love tasty food made of excellent quality ingredients
- Are bored with everyday menus
- Don't have enough time to cook but still you want to stay fit or in addition want to lose some weight

We aren't the same as the others because our dishes:
- Are low in saturated fats and carbohydrates
- Don't contain unnecessary sugar
- Are made of fresh and wisely selected ingredients
- Are cooked using special technologies that reserve the meals' mineral and vitamine content
- Include various types of international cuisines



Unfortunately in today's fast moving world we don't have enough time and energy to select properly what to eat. A delicious meal can change our mood and can give us energy, and in addition it can take our day to a whole new level. Why not eat and stay healthy at the same time? Maybe it sounds weird but with minor changes we can achieve great result in the long run. In our opinion, our restaurant is not only unique because of its philosophy, but because of our professional scientific background.



Our special healthy technology features:
- Enjoyable meals with laudable quality
- Dishes that are rich in high value vitamins and minerals
- Meals with low saturated fat content
- Ingredients that are harmless to our health

We use gentle methods to prepare food, like stewing, which combines the advantages of cooking and roasting, and with this method we can get a brilliant smack with high nutritional value. In case of stewing with herbs we use various types of herbs and vegetables when stewing so the meal will be a lot more delicious. Besides "traditional" cooking we cook dihes like fish, vegetables etc. using steam. Its advantage is that we do not lose that much nutrients.
As low fat cooking methods we grill, broil, bake, braise, steam, poach, slow-cook foods instead of frying them. Sautéing is ok with minimal amounts of oil, or use nonstick spray instead.

Dishes we cook:
- Contain wholemeal flour and different seeds' meals (almond, linseed, pumpkin seed, coconut)*
- Are made with xylitol and erythritol instead of sugar*
- Contain less excess saturated fat*
- Are made using fresh ingredients
- Contain added fibers